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June 28, 2022

H.R. 8251, the CHIPPING IN Act of 2022

Bill Status: Introduced

Last Action: June 28, 2022

Follow the bill's progress here.


H.R. 8251, the Creating Helpful Initiatives to Produce Personnel in Needed Growth Industries or CHIPPING IN Act of 2022


American Automative Policy Council

The U.S. auto sector supports efforts to bring about a revolutionary change in higher education and other organizations that results in growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector leading to greater domestic production of critical products including auto-grade semiconductors. Congresswoman Haley Stevens' CHIPPING IN Act of 2022 will aid in fueling a new generation of students to pursue degrees in microelectronics and help the U.S. build a growing and robust semiconductor manufacturing sector in the United States.” - Governor Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council

American Semiconductor Academy Initiative


Purdue University 

“There is a serious gap today in the supply and demand for microelectronics technicians and engineers, and the shortage of talent will grow even larger as we build microelectronics facilities in the hundreds of billions in the U.S. this decade.  H.R. 8251, the CHIPPING IN Act would incentivize the development ofa robust workforce prepared to work in the field of microelectronics. Action is needed now. Every day that passes makes the U.S. more vulnerable to risks in the supply chain, gaps in defense technologies, and a dire shortage of qualified workers. This bill is a critical piece to ensure national security, economic security, and job security in our country.” - Dr. Mung Chiang, Executive Vice President of Purdue University for strategic initiatives, and the Dean of Purdue’s Engineering College

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)


Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)



One-Pager on H.R. 8251