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Letter to House Appropriators regarding NASA Authorization

Oct 8, 2010


October 8, 2010   
The Hon. David Obey                                          The Hon. Jerry Lewis
Chairman                                                                 Ranking Member
Committee on Appropriations                             Committee on Appropriations
H218 Capitol                                                           H218 Capitol
Washington, DC 20515                                        Washington, DC 20515
The Hon. Alan B. Mollohan                                  The Hon. Frank R. Wolf
Chairman                                                                   Ranking Member
Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science
H309 Capitol                                                             H309 Capitol
Washington, DC 20515                                          Washington, DC 20515
Dear Chairman Obey, Ranking Member Lewis, Chairman Mollohan, and Ranking Member Wolf:
            Last week the House passed S. 3729, the NASA Authorization Act of 2010. Consideration of the Senate bill, and subsequent passage, was necessary to help provide a degree of certainty, stability, and clarity for our nation’s space program, the NASA workforce, and the NASA communities across the country.  However, over the past two months, discussions have been on-going between the House and Senate on development of a compromise NASA Authorization bill that would incorporate the best of the Senate-passed bill and the bill reported by the Committee on Science and Technology on July 22. Last week, we put forward a compromise which we believe met this test. Though every effort was made to secure support for this legislation in both chambers of Congress, an effort to provide for expedited consideration by the Senate of this compromise was unsuccessful. 

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111th Congress