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November 19, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Celebrates House Passage of the Build Back Better Act

(Washington, DC) – Today, the House passed H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act. The Build Back Better Act makes critical investments in our Nation’s research enterprise that will help us address the climate crisis, rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic, promote innovation, and renew and repair our research infrastructure. The bill includes transformative funding for operations at the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Science Foundation.
“The passage of the Build Back Better Act is a historic investment in our Nation’s research and innovation capabilities,” said Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX). “We face a number of great challenges today—challenges like climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, crumbling research infrastructure, and threats to our competitiveness. The Build Back Better Act will enable us to address these challenges with robust investments in science and technology, and much more. This transformative legislation bolsters and re-energizes our approach to addressing the climate crisis all while strengthening our nation’s scientific enterprise, creating high-quality jobs, and ensuring our continued competitiveness and the wellbeing of our citizens here at home. Investments in research and development now will pay untold dividends for the future health and prosperity of our country. As Chairwoman of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and a Member of the House of Representatives, I am proud to have been a part of advancing this bill that will enable us to build a better future for all Americans. I thank my colleagues and their staff for their very hard work over the last several months to get us to this point. And I will continue to work with my colleagues to get this to President Biden for his signature as soon as possible.”
Fact sheet on the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology’s provisions in the Build Back Better Act can be found here.

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